Working on several projects

Richard is right now working with no less than 6 film and drama projects with different people. Among other is a thriller with film and Fundament Film and the producers Lasse Pettersson & Håkan Hammarén. Script by Petra Sandqvist. Another project is “Under Askan” with the executive producer Suzanne Fors. “Under Askan” is a Monkey Blue Universty project.

Drama TV Series: Svaleskär

The latest for Richard is a job directing episode 9-12 (the last episode) of the SVT series Svaleskär. The series is in 12 episodes and with no second season. Svaleskär is a youth thriller that takes place in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Cilla Jackert wrote the script and the major parts are played by: Sofia Helin, Eric Ericson and Erik Johansson.

Richards episodes will be shown during the summer of 2011 on SVT1. Episode 9 will premier on tuesday the 4th of august at 20.00 (Swedish time).

Res dej inte! Shown in Sweden during three years

Res dej inte! (English title: Stay Down) is on a great tour and shown in schools, for politicians, parents, police departments and much more. From 2009-2013 the film is shown as a part of the national anti violence project “Akta Huvudet”. SVT showed the film in the spring of 2010.


Res dej inte! Premiers on Göteborg International Film Festival

A young guy is brutally beaten by a gang; a girl is threatened for her life to stay silent. Soccer hooligans plan the revenge. But who is really guilty?

A dark, realistic story, the film follows three youth gangs and their time spent on the streets and their lives. Over a relatively short span the characters deal with paranoia, pain, violence and more. This film is powerful and grim. The last scenes are totally unforgettable. The plot comes to a sudden end and there are no truths about what really happened. More than a film, Res dej inte! is a comment about the ongoing violence in society.

Res dej inte! (English title: Stay Down) will have it’s premier on the Gothenburg International Film Festival together with films like “White as Blood” in the section Swedish short films – a little bit longer. Res dej inte! Will be shown the 31th of january, the 4th of february and the 6th of february.

Read more about the festival HERE.

See a trailer here below: