Richard directed a new video for Septekh, set in early 80ies

Richard has once again had a successful collaboration with the metal band Septekh.
The result is now available on youtube
Dop – Erik Nordlund

Arne Dahl on air feb 15th

Arne Dahl S2

Foto: Johan Paulin/SVT



Richard is directing Arne Dahl this autumn

AD logga

Shooting a film for COMVIQ in May


Richard is direcing a film for Comviq i may 2014

Production Company Omanovic Production

Producer Mak Omanovic                                                               

Client Tele2

Directing for H&M


Richard is directing a film for H&M

Producers Mats Wolgers, The Producers

Photographer Andreas Wessberg

Working with Lucky Punk & Canada Snow


lucky punk logga smalcanada snow logga

Richard is directing a commercial for Canada Snow.

Client Scorett

Production Company Lucky Punk

Producers Karin Skoog Winters & Pelle Roskvist

Dop Fabian Tellermark

New website!

Finally we can announce the new home of the director and writer Richard Jarnhed on the web. Richard is right now busy working with his latest project and soon there will be updates on his great progress. Please feel free to browse around on this page and see what great depth and width Richard got in his career. The website has been made by Joel Forssell & Simon Kölle.

“Burn It To The Ground” with Zombies

Richard is shooting a music video for the swedish metal band Septekh with zoombies like the one on the picture above.

Song:  ”Burn It To The Ground”
Cinematography:  Roland Smedberg

Storyline for a TV Series and more

Together with Helena Stjernström Richard has developed the storyline for a TV series. The story is a thriller in present time in 10 episodes. As that was not enough Richard is also at the same time developing three other scripts with, among others, Petra Sandqvist.


The Box

Action, Mystique & the 50′s are some of the ingredients in Richard’s film “The Box”. Producer is Madeleine von Sivers, MVS Movement & Lasse H Malmjarn, Camera car Sweden. The film was shoot in Gävleborg during the autumn of 2012. Actors: Erik Bolin, Niklas Engdahl, Björn Persson, Jenny Larsson, Anastasios “Stasse” Soulis, Alexandra Dannberg and Peter Mache. Music: Simon Kölle.