Arne Dahl on air feb 15th

Arne Dahl S2

Foto: Johan Paulin/SVT



(Re)volt: Richard directing a 10 episode TV series

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During the spring/summer of 2013 Richard is Directing the drama series “Revolt” (10episodes) for Swedish Television. Producer Peter Zell. Dop Andreas Wessberg. Composer Simon Kölle. The cast includes Rebecca Holst, Anna Persson, Kristoffer Berglund, Jesper Barkselius, Carina M Johansson among others.

Storyline for a TV Series and more

Together with Helena Stjernström Richard has developed the storyline for a TV series. The story is a thriller in present time in 10 episodes. As that was not enough Richard is also at the same time developing three other scripts with, among others, Petra Sandqvist.


Pilot: “ALEX – DE MISSTÄNKTA” to online

Richard directed the action/thriller “Alex – De Misstänkta” (working title) and the post production is just about to be finished. “Alex” is a pilot for a Swedish TV series with the actors Dragomir Mrsic, Anja Lundqvist, Rebecca Holst, Erik Bolin, Fyr Thorwald, David Nzinga, Ulric von Der Esch, Lina Perned and Ardalan Esmailli.

The film was produces by Mikael Eriksson, Mikael Cross Film and Tobias Nordquist, Carnivale Pictures. Script by Petra Sandqvist.
Music: Simon Kölle & Joel Forssell.


De Misstänkta

During the summer and fall Richard will direct the pilot film “De Misstänkta”. The project is planned to become a TV series with Dragomir Mrsic from “Snabba Cash” in the leading role as the police officier Alex.

The other actors are right now:  Anja Lundqvist, Rebecca Holst, Fyr Thorwald, Erik Bolin, David Nzinga, Ulric von Der Esch, Lina Perned and Ardalan Esmailli.

Mikael Cross Film produces the pilot with the producer Mikael Eriksson.
Co producer is Tobias Nordquist from Carnivale Pictures.
Script by Petra Sandqvist.

Working on several projects

Richard is right now working with no less than 6 film and drama projects with different people. Among other is a thriller with film and Fundament Film and the producers Lasse Pettersson & Håkan Hammarén. Script by Petra Sandqvist. Another project is “Under Askan” with the executive producer Suzanne Fors. “Under Askan” is a Monkey Blue Universty project.

Drama TV Series: Svaleskär

The latest for Richard is a job directing episode 9-12 (the last episode) of the SVT series Svaleskär. The series is in 12 episodes and with no second season. Svaleskär is a youth thriller that takes place in the archipelago of Gothenburg.

Cilla Jackert wrote the script and the major parts are played by: Sofia Helin, Eric Ericson and Erik Johansson.

Richards episodes will be shown during the summer of 2011 on SVT1. Episode 9 will premier on tuesday the 4th of august at 20.00 (Swedish time).

Arne Dahl

Spring 2011 Richard directed (2nd Unit) the drama series Arne Dahl – “De största vatten”. The series was produced by Filmlance and will be shown on SVT fall 2011.